Eli5 How do lightening rods work?


I understand that they attract lightening so that something else doesn’t get hit. I get that part. But, how does all of the lightening energy still not hurt the roof via the rod?

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The rod channels the electricity from the lightning to a ground material. Maybe the dirt, maybe something on the roof of the building. Either way, the lightning hits the rod and is carried to, and then dumped in, a material it just can’t move through. When it hits that non conductive material, there’s nothing for it to do but dissipate because it can’t go on any further.

Lightning rods conduct lightning to ground safely. This keeps the lightning from starting a fire while going through a less super conductor, like wood or wet stone.

There is a continuous path of low resistance provided from the lightning rod down to the ground. This gives the electricity a path that it will prefer over actually going into any building components.

I smaller buildings this is basically a large copper wire down to ground, in a skyscraper this might be a continuous path of steel columns/welded reinforcement that goes to the foundations.

Thank you so much!. Its easy to understand when so easily explained!

I don’t think there is any real solid evidence that they do anything to be honest. We just think they do.

It’s basically connected to a six foot long copper rod that’s driven into the Earth. Hence the term “grounded”.

I read that lightening originates from the ground and goes up. If that is true, does a rod then direct it back to the ground?