Eli5: What exactly does a vasectomy do?


I know it makes it’s so you can’t have kids, but how exactly? Like does the spirm no longer have the ability to impregnate or…?

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The tubes that carry the sperm from the testicles to the penis are severed in the scrotum, then cauterised/folded & stitched (or both). This ensures that the sperm cannot travel through and join with the semen, but does not effect the semen at all – you ejaculate just fine but, done correctly, you’re “shooting blanks”.

[There’s a thin tube](https://innerbody.imgix.net/Ductus-Deferens.png) that normally carries the sperm out of the balls and into the body, where it mixes with the other ingredients of semen and then goes into the bigger tube leaving the penis. In a vasectomy, this small tube tube is physically cut through and closed off. The testes continue making normal sperm after that, but now there’s just physically no way for them to get through and join with the rest of the fluid that comes out when you ejaculate. The un-released sperm are just reabsorbed into the body, the same way they are if a guy doesn’t ejaculate for a few days. And the guy still ejaculates fluid like before too, it just doesn’t contain any actual sperm cells, just all the other stuff.

Bonus fact: In medicine “-ectomy” means surgically removing something. A tonsilectomy is removing the tonsils. An appendectomy is removing the appendix. Well the small tube leaving the testes is called the *vas deferens*, hence the name *vas*ectomy.



So basically vasectomy comes under the permanent sterilization category,if you dont want to have kids in your lifetime, it’s irreversible.

Its a very minute surgical procees where a small cut is made on the testicles and one of the tubes(theoretically its vas deferens) is tied so that no sperms can be transported.
In other words you will ejaculate normally and everything from erection to arousal will be same,,only you cant be able to have a child.