Eli5 what is stimming and why are there so many videos of people acting as if they have multiple personality disorder?


I just genuinely don’t get where this trend came from and what these people are tying to achieve from it? I mean artistic expression is great! But so these people actually believe that they have multiple personalities, and if so do the act the same way when they go out into society?

I’m just so..so confused..

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Stimming are repetitive behaviours that people do to relieve stress, anxiety, et. It can be movements, sounds, touching things, bashing their head against things and so on.

They’re quite often very noticeable in people who aren’t neurotypical such as people with autism who may undertake stimming when they have sensory overload.

Stimming is usually done by people with autism. It Can be a way of expressing excitement or happiness, a form of stimulation or as a way of self soothing. Neurotypical people do this in some way shape or form as well such as wringing your hands together when you’re nervous and chewing on a pencil or tapping your foot. There’s not always a rhyme or reason to the behavior it just happens. There might be an internal change like a sudden feeling that prompts the need for the behavior that we can’t see which might show up to is a sudden change.

It’s not a trend; it’s just something that’s always happened that’s being named. Although, to be fair, it was named a really long time ago at this point. The name lets youtube aggregate thousands of similar videos together, and it picks the most viewed or interacted with for the top of the list. 99% of the time that puts the most novel or inflaming thing at the top, meaning you should not regard the top results as the most typical results.

Pen chewers, finger tappers and phone cord twirlers have been a thing in every office since there have been offices. Stress balls used to be on every desk, and now it’s a bit more varied with other types of stim. Most people have at least one fun thing on their desk to mess with when they’re stressed. Stim is more common than you might think because persons on the spectrum are very common.

People who have more severe or unusual stims usually find ways to work around them. For instance a buddy of mine has a necklace under his shirt that he can chew without leaving teeth marks on the communal pens. Like most things people act more openly at home (or online) and in rl public or work they are more reserved. But if people can’t help themselves, they can’t help themselves and they may do something socially inappropriate like sing in the grocery store. Such is life.

others have answered about stimming so I’m going to talk about multiple personalities. I have not seen whatever videos you’re talking about but I can tell you my experiences with DDNOS (type of “multiple personality disorder”)

>so these people actually believe that they have multiple personalities

I believe that I have what other people would describe as “multiple personalities” yeah

I know this whole thing is because my brain decided to say “this part of me isn’t me anymore” instead of dealing with certain experiences, and therefore that the other people are “me” in that sense

but I also know that, in terms of how we experience things, we are different people. we have different ways of thinking of things, different memories, different motivations. and in that sense, they are very much *not* me

so like, it kind of doesn’t matter whether they’re technically “parts of me” or not – the effect is the same

>do the act the same way when they go out into society?

I (we) try very hard to hide this from almost everyone irl, and keep up the appearance of being one person (me). I’d just get called a liar or a crazy person. online is easier because I can just block people. anyway yeah we hide it by having the other ones pretend to be me. afaik the only thing about it that we can’t hide is the “forgetfulness” (person x doesn’t automatically know what person y said/did)

… unless this part of the question is about stimming? because some people stim in public, some don’t. generally if you’re stimming it’s for a reason (even if the reason is just “feel good”), I am pro- stimming in public

I have been awake for 26 hours so if any part of this doesn’t make sense pls feel free to ask