ElI5 What really happens when our eyes lose focus and we stare straight ahead

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What is happening when our eyes lose focus and we stare straight ahead (daydreaming)why do our eyes do this sometimes?and now often does it happen to you? Where we hyper focus on something and can’t take our eyes away til the feeling passes(zoning out?)

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Useless side fact:

In bavaria , this zoning out is called “Goaßg’schau”.

It translates to “the starring into the void like goats do it all day long”.

And i think it’s beautifull.

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As you probably know, your eyes have a lens inside them. To focus on things close by, you have to flex certain muscles to bend the lens in such a way that it focusses on things up close.

Watching things in the distance does not require those muscles to flex, however. They can relax, and your lens will bend back to its relaxed state, which lets you focus on far things.

If you cannot see far into the distance and you let your eyes relax, everything in view will now be blurry. You can relax your eyes consciously and unfocus (though I’ve heard some people say they cannot do this on purpose), but it might also happen when you’re deep in thought and your brain relaxes them on its own.

I can’t tell you exactly how often it happens to me each day, but generally it happens when I’m thinking about something and don’t need to focus on my surroundings at the same time.