ELI5, why do 24 fps movies feel smooth but 24 fps games feel bad


ELI5, why do 24 fps movies feel smooth but 24 fps games feel bad

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Let’s simplify the question down to a dot moving across the screen, so we can focus on the important stuff.

In a movie, this dot would be filmed on a camera with decent resolution as it travels at a normal, discernable speed across the screen. Even if it goes too fast, it registers as motion blur on the camera.

In a game, the same dot is an approximation made with polygons, without any motion blur. Each frame is rendered at a fixed position. So in the intermediate positions, the dot may appear to not move at all, and then suddenly jump to catch up. Games will not render the intermediate states as a blurry superposition between two “static” positions.

Also, TV/Movie FPS is a consistent 24fps. Gaming 24fps is an average, and might actually be 20 frames in the first half of a second, and 4 frames in the next half.

In games you control its panning and movement of the camera thats why its noticable because your expecting it where you move it especially if you have motion blur off. In movies it’s also pre rendered unlike games that are being rendered and processed in real time, also consider frametimes.

how does 24 fps movie feel smooth? it feels like blurry mess, people just get used to a “movie experience”

In games where you need to act quick, it really makes a difference. That’s why you have mice and screens with 4ms response time vs 20ms, because people really do feel the difference.

It’s the idea that you press a button and expect something to happen smoothly. The movie is all just there and you don’t interact with it – you just watch.

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