Eli5: Why does an IV of fluids make you feel so much better than drinking the same amount of fluids?


I know it goes into your body faster but an IV seems to make me feel miraculously better even if I drink fluids and wait.

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When you drink fluids your body absorbs them slowly, and when you get an IV the body gets them more quickly. Think of in the family car, driving to the highway, getting on the highway and slowly accelerating to 150 kph. Now think of driving along an empty road, coming to a full stop, and slamming on the gas and shooting up to 125 kph. You might be going faster in the first instance, but the second feels faster.

Because the fluid is going straight into your blood and your blood isn’t having to use excess energy & part of the digestive to get it there. Normally water is absorbed from the walls small intestine & then goes into the blood stream. Going from an IV is a super fast short cut.
Then your blood passes the renal system (kidneys) to process out toxins & excess liquid – the waste becomes urine.

Short cut.

I never really thought that it was “better”, I havent noticed if anything.

Can anyone confirm the post? Or is it just OP?

Pretty simple – no digestion lag. If you’re dehydrated and feeling bad (thirsty, dry mouth, headache), what you’re lacking is fluid in circulation. IV is going straight into circulation and works fast as it goes in pretty much to bring up blood pressure. Drinking requires that water to pass into your gut and get absorbed, and that takes a bit of time. It also requires a gut that’s working well, so if you’ve got gastro or are in shock you’re not likely to be absorbing optimally, even if you can keep it down.