Eli5: Why does dehydration make you bloated after air travel but thin if you refrain from drinking?

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This confuses me because apparently actors dehydrate to look thin before filming specific scenes.

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Dehydration doesn’t make you bloated after air travel.

Air travel can exacerbate dehydration, because of the very dry air. It sucks more moisture out of you.

Food that is served on airplanes, depending on your guts, can cause bloating. Changes in air pressure can cause bloating. Dehydration does not cause bloating.

Actors dehydrate because extreme dehydration combined with very low body fat will make your skin appear to shrink-wrap to the musculature. (since there’s no fat to cushion it, and no water in your tissue to round the edges)

It’s not good for your body to do that, and regular underhydration is associated with a lot of long-term negative health outcomes. Combine it with actors doing extreme dieting, a lot of them need *constant* medical supervision both during the dieting/dehydrating, and during their recovery from that.

It can cause heart attacks, long-term kidney damage, and other forms of organ failure.

Those guys with visible stacks of rippling ultra-defined abs and protruding veins are dancing with death.

It’s really tragic that so many guys see male actors on screen who are undergoing these *extreme* and *temporary* diet/dehydration/exercise routines, and thinking that’s what an ‘ideal body’ is supposed to look like.

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Air pressure differences. Air cabins are pressurized for our comfort (and our survival) while flying, but that doesn’t completely neutralize it.

As the air pressure around you decreases, the gas pressure from the stuff inside you increases and expands.