eli5 WTF are these get rich with courses, Spotify, stores ads?

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My feeds are filled with hundreds of get rich ads for courses, buying google ads, selling never-specified products, etc. You’ve seen them. WTF are they selling and are they all scams?

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They’re perfectly legit, with one tiny, minor, practically irrelevant difference. It’s not YOU who’s going to get rich, it’s THEM.

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fraud is big business. these are all frauds that don’t quite meet the legal standard of fraud. they have ad budgets and they use them.

what are they selling? usually extremely low value “classes” or “workshops” or similar. they’ll spend a handful of hours giving you a crash course on something like, for example, real estate investment. it’s nearly worthless and nothing you couldn’t learn yourself from legitimate sources or self-study. they’re just charging you $3000 for it instead.

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Has anyone ever run up to you, out of breath, and declared that they’ve been looking for someone to make rich?

That’s basically what the ads are doing.

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Scam is a rather loaded term. They are saying that if you do this and many people view your work you might make some money. If you do what they say and it doesn’t work, that’s on you.

If there was a “get rich in the NFL” class, it would tell you that you need to be able to run really fast and catch a football really well to play in the NFL. Since there are very few players in the NFL, it might be the case that knowing that you need to run really fast isn’t sufficient to actually run really fast. If it were as easy as watching a video, everybody would do it.

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They’re selling the idea that you can (as a one-man-team) outcompete the colossal effort and expertise of existing online advertisers in the mind-blowingly saturated high-traffic jungle of online content.

The pitch, more or less, is this:

1. Open a Shopify store (Spotify from your title is a music platform)
2. Choose to drop ship/private label a cheap, gimmicky product from over-seas
3. Make and run ads of the product on social media to drive traffic to your site and get sales high enough to justify ad-spend

Along with their courses, they’ll display easily editable dashboards showcasing how their students did “$60,000 in one month” with their “blueprint formula” strategy or whatever. Their pitch will often include some pizazz in the form of the student being a “16-year old” or someone young to give off the idea that if a high-schooler who barely knows how to jerk off can do it, you can too. It’s just that easy!

Anyways. The bottom line is this: you basically gamble your effort and funds. You are competing against serious money. Online advertising is not easy, and consumers are growing more and more aware of these pop-up sites. I’m sure some success stories exist out there, but these guys are making money off of courses. Not advertising.

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More or less a scam, just not really illegal. They will tell you ways to make money. What they don’t tell you is YOU are the person helping them make money by buying into their program where they tell you how to create and sell a program telling other people how to make money.

Occasionally you will get someone trying to actually sell a product, but those are part of a multi level marketing scheme, which are just rebranded pyramid schemes, but legal ones since they are selling a product.

Anyone saying you can work your way up and have a team of people under you selling products and you get a cut of their sales is a multi level marketing scam. Just stay away from it.

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>Are they all scams?

Kind of? Here’s the thing, the best scams have a kernel of truth in them, and these ones are like that, they give you tools that you can use to make money… but realistically speaking you probably aren’t going to be a millionaire if you follow their guide.

>WTF are they selling

The ones I have seen, are selling courses on how to set up a FBA business, or finance gurus selling basic trading knowledge, some of the more interesting ones talk about how to set up lead funnels with google ad sense…

Here’s the part they leave out though, Yes you can make money with all of these things, but its not easy, often it is very risky, requires a lot of time and effort to stay ahead, and even when you do get it right, you could lose all your revenue over night with an algorithm change, a competitor, a bad trade, or whatever else…

The other part they leave out, is 99% of the info they teach you, you could have found with a couple of good google searches if you were truly interested in the process and not just looking to get rich quick…

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Ask yourself, what you would do if you found a foolproof way to get rich?

I’d get rich. That simple. I wouldn’t waste my time telling you. I’d be too busy having a blast on my boat.

The only logical reason for selling a get-rich scheme, is if there’s more money in selling it than following it.