How are Web Devs able to get jobs with so many Frameworks and Libraries out there ?


Every time I look up the news, there is some new framework or library making the rounds in the Web Dev world. If a dev only knows MEAN stack, how is he able to get a job when each company has it’s own set of frameworks and libraries that they use. Do web devs have to learn everything from scratch when joining a company that uses a technology that a web dev doesn’t know ?

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Kinda. The Frameworks all kinda do the same thing, so once you know the concepts, then learning something new isn’t difficult.

Most developers that I know love to learn, and learning new frameworks is exciting. If we always used Jquery, and only jquery, it would get boring.

The technology is just tools. And while experience with a specific tool is a boon, certainly, what you’re really paying for is the general knowledge and expertise. Your ability to use a specific tool really doesn’t tell anyone anything about your ability to develop software in general.

Think of it like crawl, walk, run…once you learn to crawl walking is the next step and so on. And it you learn a dance you can more easily learn a new dance because some of the moves will be the same, but if your a baby and the first thing you wanted to do is dance the latest dance your not going to be able. And maybe your really good at ball room dancing but can’t do hip-hop…just like you could do C+ but struggle with Java or whatever.

If you have basic programming knowledge then picking up a new framework or even an entirely new language isn’t too much of a problem. Sure there is some amount of learning, but that’s expected when you start at a new company and role.

How are roofers able to get jobs with so many nail guns out there? Well, someone has to know how to use the nail gun to effectively create a roof!

Most languages and frameworks are similar enough, that If you know how to code and how to think about problems logically, learning a new syntax is easy enough. Everything can be looked up.

To answer your question directly, companies usually don’t *require* experience with a framework. They might say “experience with react or similar.” Additionally, companies don’t have room to be picky right now, because experienced devs are in tight supply. Those together mean that a company will hire someone without specific experience with a framework.

Also, the number of frameworks is honestly overblown. React absolutely dominates, with Angular, Vue, and Svelt having less use. Everything else is under 10% usage. So you’re more likely to find a “big name framework” like react in use at bigger companies because it’s easier to hire for. So you just likely won’t come into contact with *that* many frameworks in your professional life.

The other aspect is that most of the web dev content seems to be published by people with little experience in the field yet. Obviously there are exceptions, but huge amounts of the and medium articles are folks just starting to learn, and using blogging to learn and to pad their resumes. So “hot new framework” or “trying out X” really doesn’t make a huge impact on most web devs.