How can someone be allergic to grass?

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My whole life I’ve been allergic to grass. Not just pollen but if my skin comes into contact with grass I break out into hives. What is the science behind this? Why does it not happen with other types of plants?

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>Why does it not happen with other types of plants?

Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison sumac, ragweed etc. All plants to which most humans will have an allergic reaction. Some people are just unlucky and are allergic to plants like grass.

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You can be allergic to basicly anything, so it does happen with other types of plants. An allergy is your immune system (wrongly) thinking that thing is dangerous, I have to fight it. Why you specificly are just allergic to grass and not other plants because your immune system identfied grass as something dangerous and doesnt think other types of plants are. As to why your immune system would think its dangerous we dont know yet, that is an active field of reasearch.