How do duracell ultra batteries have 100% extra, shouldn’t batteries be full allready?



How do duracell ultra batteries have 100% extra, shouldn’t batteries be full allready?

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It’s not that they’re overcharging them, it’s a difference in total capacity due to using different components inside.

Hang a bucket of hot water over your head and poke tiny holes in the bottom. That lets you shower under the bucket for 5 minutes.

Now take a bucket that’s wider but not taller with twice the volume of the first bucket and poke the same sized holes under it. You can now shower for 10 minutes.

In this case, the charge or volume of water has doubled but the voltage or water pressure set by the water’s height in the bucket has not. This doubles the run time of the shower (device).

In addition to what u/disappointingHero stated, not all batteries from the same chemistry are created equal. Sometimes the “parts” inside the battery are lower quality (impurities, manufacturing defects, etc), meaning that the batteries produced by one company may have varying energy levels. It is a regular practice to sell the higher quality ones for more than lower quality, even if they come off the same line. This is why you can go to Target and find the same brands selling for multiple times for what you can find them at the dollar store.

Think of it like a gasoline tank. They don’t make the tank a little bit more full. They build a bigger tank that holds more gasoline.

The only diffirence is that we’re not talking about a physical liquid, but we’re talking about electrical charge. And with technological improvements it is possible to fit more electric charge into a battery without changing it’s physical size.

The size/shape of a certain battery type is set mainly to ensure compatibility. For example, any AA you buy needs to fit in your device designed to take AA batteries. Within that size though, companies can use different materials to store more or less energy (note voltages and other factors also have design ranges for each battery type too).

Think of it like a lane on the highway. Usually they are 4.6m (15′ wide). Within that lane though, you can choose to drive a cheap car that has just enough power to do the speed limit, or you can spend way way more to drive a luxury hyper car that could do 3x the speed limit easily. Maybe you need to haul something so you choose instead to drive a semi.

In all cases, these vehicles fit in the same lane but are designed to do very different jobs with different performance criteria and costs. Batteries are the same, but instead of different shapes and engine sizes it’s different internal chemistries and materials.

Duracell Ultra batteries are Alkaline batteries. They have 100% more power than “Heavy Duty” zinc carbon batteries.

Alkaline batteries use zinc & maganese to create electricity.

Heavy Duty batteries use zinc Chloride. These were invented first, and are not as efficient as Alkaline batteries.