How do eddy currents created by alternating magnetic fields change with distance and magnet strength?


Why do induction furnace use a hollow coil and in a induction cooker you just keep the food on the coil.

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Induction cookware isn’t just about making the food hot. You have to be able to do all the other things a chef does in a pan. Stirring, spooning sauce over food, and those operations were developed with a pan on a heat source. Nobody would buy a cooktop that required completely rethinking cooking, so they make a compromise that works with normal-ish pans.

An induction furnace is a narrow process, melting metal, and the closer the shape is to a sphere, the less heat loss.

Different problem, different solution.

Magnetic fields follow the inverse square law. If the magnet is twice as far away, the field is one fourth of the strength, and the Eddy currents will be one fourth as strong. If you make the magnet twice as strong, the currents become twice as strong.