How do fear, anxiety attacks, and phobias actually work?

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Why do they exist and how are some men fearless naturally?

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These are 3 separate but connected things.

Imagine part of your brain is a security guard that’s always on the lookout to keep you safe. Sometimes, it can get a little too overprotective and sound the alarm when it doesn’t really need to. This is kind of what happens with fear, anxiety attacks, and phobias.

Fear is like the security guard spotting something it knows is bad for you and hitting the big red button to alert you. Your body gets ready to either run away or stand and fight (known as the fight, flight, freeze response).

Anxiety attacks, or panic attacks, are more like the security guard getting confused and sounding the alarm super loud, even when there’s no clear danger around.

Phobias are when the security guard is super scared of one specific thing, even if it’s not actually dangerous, like spiders or heights. It’s like the guard sees a tiny spider but reacts as if it’s a bear. The alarm goes off full blast, making you want to run away or avoid that thing at all costs, even when you know logically it’s not a big deal. Knowing it’s not a big deal is what makes it a “Phobia”, technically only an irrational fear can be classed as a phobia.

So, in all these cases, your brain is trying to protect you, but sometimes it gets a little too jumpy or focused on the wrong things. Understanding this can help you learn ways to calm your security guard down, like through breathing exercises, talking about your fears, or gradually facing what scares you with the help of a professional via a therapy like graded exposure.

> And how are some men fearless naturally?

Some people can’t produce adrenalin so are fearless, unfortunately, this can lead to having a short life due to not being able to process dangers around them and do things like walk out into traffic without looking for dangers like oncoming cars.

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I find myself wondering this….I’m terrified of spiders, but if one is climbing on my child there is no doubt in my mind I’ll flick it off of my kid in a heartbeat. Basically almost anything I’m terrified of I feel deep down I could overcome if it involved saving my kid. It’s like my motherly instincts override my fear. But remove my kid from the equation and the fear or anxiety take over.