How do fruit juice companies make and bottle a consistently tasting product every time?

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Given that fruits and vegetables are vastly different in their regions grown, the quality obtained throughout how can they maintain a consistent flavor with every single bottle, whether made fresh or from conentrates, despite wildly different flavored

Tropicana, Minute Maid, Naked, Bolthouse Farms, Odwalla (still a brand?) and I’m sure many other smaller domestic US and foreign brands…

Each bottle tastes the same everyday, all day, but real produce varies wildly.

So, how does product consistency *really* occur?

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I have no inside knowledge.

But if the juice of one orange tastes different enough from another orange, you can tell. If they are separate.

If you squeeze ten thousand oranges all at once and blend that juice, the individual flavour of each orange is completely lost in the mix.

At scale, the juice is always going to approach an ‘average flavour’.

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They’re allowed to make flavorings from oranges and still say there’s only oranges on the ingredients. So they can make a lot of compounds that would normally fall into “natural flavors” but since they’re 100% derived from oranges they’re all good to call it pure orange juice. The big companies employ a lot of smart chemists who have figured out how to turn oranges into basically anything you want so they can keep the flavor consistent bottle to bottle.

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First when you work with millions of fruits at a time the differences from one to the next don’t matter much, the average is still fairly consistent, se on they can add flavourings to adjust for those inconsistencies as long as they’re natural flavours so the final product is always the same