how do gate remotes work?


I live an apartment complex and have to use a remote to open the one-way gate. Once opened I drive through and the gate closes on its own in a few seconds. Could I have closed the gate on someone’s car if I pressed my remote directly after they did?

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There’s likely a weight sensor directly under the road either in front of or behind the gate that registers your car. The gate controls can be programmed to respond to that with or without a timer etc you get it from here

That depends on the exact model of the gate controller and its configuration. I have not seen any which allow you to stop the gate from opening by pressing the remote again. This is probably because the remote controllers are not very reliable as the signal is not always readable by the controller. So the controllers do not send out just one signal but continue to send out the signal as long as you hold down the button. This means the controller is not only receiving one signal but continues to receive signals from the remote until the user realizes that the gate is opening. Having the gate close when the controller receives a second signal would be a very bad design. On the other hand you can likely keep the gate open. In order to not damage cars that drive through and kill people walking through the gates have sensors on them to detect if there is any thing in the way of their movement. So you can block the sensors so they think there is something there and refuse to close.

There are installed sensors: motion, light, or weight. They sense your car, they know when you passed the gate and if another car drives behind you. These are safety measures every manufacturer has to incorporate in their products in order to sell automatic gates.

Other items with strict safety measures are escalators and elevators.

It all depends on how the gate is programmed. If its open already and the button is pressed, it could be programmed to stay open longer instead of closing. Since its programmed to close after a few seconds, a second button press before the gate closes should send an “open” signal to the gate, making it stay open longer but thats just how i would program it, your gate could close on a second press. Only way is to test it.

Gate remotes work similar to most remotes. They use a signal that had a range, when in range you can use that remote by pressing buttons to send a signal to whatever is receiving it. Depending on what the buttons you pressed are programmed to do, thats what the thing receiving the signal will do. In this case the button on your remote is programmed to open the gate when its in range. Whether the button is programmed to close the gate too is a mystery until you try it.

Safety loops override close commands. As long as the safety loop is not disconnected or broken, you can not close a gate in a vehicle.