How do people read Morse code when they don’t see the beginning?


From what I understand Morse code consists of dashes and dots or dits and dahs.

If I use a flashlight to send you a signal how will you know what I’m saying if you didn’t see me start the first letter?

Won’t the entire sentence be ruined if you miss a dash or dot while observing?

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There are spaces

There are pauses between letters and spaces between words, you need spaces because not all letters are the same length

It’s dots, dashes, and gaps. The gaps tell you where the letters, words, and senteoces are.

Morse code is literally sending out each individual letter, often at high speed. Certain messages are a specific set of letters with a designated meaning.
For example when the Titanic sank, the common Morse signal was in fact the letters CQD.

Added to this, messages are often short and continuously repeated, so if you did miss the beginning you can catch it again later.

Also if someone sends you a message with letters missing, you can often work out what the message means.

There are ways to compensate for this. First, the signaller could repeat the message on a loop. So, even if you only first notice half way through, you will eventually get the full message if you keep observing. Second, there are signals to indicate that you wish to communicate. On ships, for example, the signaller could repeatedly signal the others ship’s call sign. The observer would respond by signalling the other ship’s call sign. Once that exchange is complete, the signaller could send the full message. If you don’t know the call sign, there are generic symbols for “hey pay attention” and “yeah, i’m paying attention”

…are you able to understand this sentence without the word How at the beginning?