How do plant based fats affect cholesterol

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So I have high cholesterol levels due to a hereditary condition. I am getting very confused by information that says largely plant based fats do not affect cholesterol levels ie margerine olive oil. But at the same time say avoid deep fried food given these are almost always fried in a plant based oil.

Can anyone explain exactly how plant based fats would affect cholesterol levels?

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Dr Paul Mason has many videos on YouTube about fats and cholesterol.

e.g. [“Why your doctor thinks cholesterol is bad”]( (but the studies say it isn’t).

One problem with plant based fats is that they go rancid (oxidise) more quickly and easily than saturated fats. By the time they have gone through crushing the seeds (Sesame, Rapeseed, etc) to extract the oil, filtering and purifying it, storing it in tanks, blending it, bottling it, transported internationally, some of it will be rancid in any bottle from a supermarket.