how do takeaway delivery drivers take their tips when they are told to keep the change?


For example, a take away come to £26.45 and they tell you to keep the change. How does the delivery driver take £3.55 as a tip if handed 3 £10 notes for instance?

I start as a delivery driver tomorrow and I’ve always wanted to know this. Thanks 🙂

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Whenever I worked deliveries I would get back to the restaurant and tell them I got a tip. We would then put the 3 £10 notes in the register and they’re give me the change from the price of the delivery.

That’s how it was in one place, different places work in different ways and that’s just the easiest one to describe from my experience. You’ll just have to see when you start

You will collect up multiple orders throughout the night. At the end of your shift you need to turn in the total amount. You don’t turn it in after each delivery. At the end of the night will just be give us 211.85. Whatever you have left was your tips. You don’t make change after each delivery.

You’ll keep a change pouch on you. Whatever you would have put into the customers hand as change just goes to you instead. Some employers require you to inform them of tips and stuff like that though so just a heads up 🙂

Well, how it worked where i worked was this:

The manager gives you 20 bucks at the start of your shift. This is called a ‘bank’. As people give you cash, the computer back at the store adds up the totals of the food. At the end of your shift, it all gets added together and the manager tells you how much you owe them (the store). You give them that much in cash, and you keep the remainder as tips.

If you end up short:

you forgot to turn in credit card receipts with filled-in tips


You misplaced some money


They messed up the math/someone took one of your deliveries by accident.

This was in the U.S., so the tips and wages will be slightly different. But i bet it’s much the same across the pond. Good luck and have fun!

So you keep slips. Always keep slips. Tally up what you owe the place(s) you get the delivery from at the end of the night. Pay them the exact amount, keep the difference. That’s your tips.