how does IVF even work?

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Hi all!

So, I’m a 21 year old female who’s in a very secure relationship with my gf for over four years now. I’ve always dreamt of becoming a mother since I was a child — it’s literally all I think about every day and night, like my purpose is to become a mom.

Considering that I’m a female dating another female, my options for getting pregnant look a lot different than most! I’ve done some research regarding IVF and RIVF, but i’m going to be honest, I don’t understand a damn thing i’m reading. It’s like, i need it explained to me like i’m five haha! I was hoping I’d be able to come on here and let the girls’ girls help me out on this one…

I guess one question is … what is the difference between IVF and RIVF, and is there a higher success rate between one or the other?…

Does insurance help (typically) cover the cost of IVF ? — for reference, I do live in illinois. If insurance does *not* help cover the cost, how much am I looking at spending?

I’ve seen tiktoks (yes i know, i know) of women who have talked about their journey with IVF and how it took them multiple “cycles” before they ended up getting pregnant??? huh???? cycles? you don’t just get pregnant after one try? i have no idea!

I know these are a lot of questions, but it feels like i’m hitting bricks walls everytime I try to search for answers else where! I don’t totally understand these things and google words it like i have a degree in biology. I just really need it dumbed down, like as if you’re trying to explain these things to a child. if anyone has any additional info that they think could be useful, i would also love to hear that!!

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Note that the egg harvesting process is…unpleasant, I’ve heard from many women that have gone through it. It involves pumping you full of hormones to stimulate egg maturation, and then sticking you with a large needle to actually retrieve the eggs. The large doses of hormones cause all sorts of side effects … moodiness, depression/anxiety, weight gain, bloating, bruising, etc. Think of PMS on literal steroids.

A more common approach for female/female couples without fertility issues is artificial insemination with donor sperm. This is basically the normal process for getting pregnant, but with a tube instead of a man. A turkey baster is generally a lot less invasive than an egg harvesting cycle.