How does the electricity in our body get there?



I’m referring to the electricity that is involved with the heart beating and brain signals. How does it get into us to begin with when we are a fetus, and how does it keep being produced?

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It is not “electricity” exactly – it is a cross-membrane potential. That is a difference in charge which is kept separate by a cell membrane. It is established by a high concentration of sodium on one side of the membrane, and potassium on the other. Those concentrations are created and maintained by little sodium and potassium “pumps” in the membrane itself. That’s what I remember anyway….

The electricity is electro chemical in nature so it is the difference in electric potential between ions in the body rather than just electrons flowing like they do down a copper wire.

It’s important to note that the electricity in your body is not like the electricity in the wires powering your computer. In wires, electricity means electron flow. In your body, what we’re actually talking about is the movement of charged atoms like sodium and potassium (which get in your body when you eat things like bananas!). These charged atoms, or ‘ions’, are pushed to different sides of a cell membrane, which means that charge is being concentrated in one area. When they are allowed to rush from the area of high concentration to the area of low concentration the ‘flip’ in charge can be picked up by machines like an EEG as a little blip of electrical potential.

The interesting stuff happens in the mitochondria; the “powerhouses” in each of our cells. The food we eat is used to power molecular processes that generate a “proton gradient” (i.e. an electrical potential) across a cell membrane. (Protons are positively charged hydrogen ions.) The proton gradient provides the energy to make a molecule called ATP, which is the molecule that carries the energy to where in the cell it is needed. The details of the molecular machine that makes ATP are simply amazing: [](

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Think of electricity as the flow of charge between a high-energy area and a low-energy area. This is very similar to holding a ball up in the air and letting go: while you’re holding the ball, the potential energy is high (it has the potential to fall some distance) relative to when it’s on the ground (the potential for it to fall is zero) – the act of falling is the “electricity”.

So our bodies create electricity by using “electrolytes”, the major players of which are Sodium (Na) and Potassium (K). If we take a single nerve cell and look at how it sends an electric signal down its length, we’ll see that the inside of the nerve has a lot of K and the outside of the nerve has a lot of Na. The amount of these is different, and there’s a LOT more Na than there is K. Both of these are positively charged, but because there’s a LOT more positive charge outside the cell… those ions really want to get in.

So that’s our potential. Lots of Na outside, less K inside, the ions want to move in to make everything nice and even. Channels open for the Na to rush inside and K to rush out, and now, because they’re moving, electricity is formed. Our bodies are able to use this electricity for a bunch of things, mainly cells sending signals to other cells. When the signal is done, those channels close up and pumps (Na-K ATPase) push Na back out of the cell and K into it to reset. This requires chemical energy, rather than electrical, which comes from breaking down sugar.

start with a cell, surrounded by a membrane.

the fluid inside the cell, and outside of the cell contains ions. these are just molecules with an electrical charge (it can be positive or negative charge).

if you pump negative ions into the cell, then the fluid in the cell will be negatively charged, compared to the fluid outside. you could also do this by pumping positive ions **out** of the cell.

The electricity in your body is chemical energy converted to electricity, like a battery is chemical energy converted to electricity.

A battery gets its energy by being charged up with another source of electricity. Your body is charged up by eating food with the correct salt and the minerals.

The First Law of Thermodynamics (Conservation) states that energy is always conserved, it cannot be created or destroyed.

So all energy in the body has come from elsewhere first.

The sun is the major source of energy in our solar system, and on Earth we receive most of it as electromagnetic radiation (visible light, UV, infrared, radiowaves and microwaves). Once it gets to earth, and reaches plants, photosynthesis is used to store the energy from light as chemical energy.

We (or our mother, if we are a feotus) then eat that food, break down the chemicals into their molecules to be useable as energy. It is within the bonds of these chemicals that the energy is stored and so when something like a donut is eaten, we break it down into glucose and other molecules etc which are more easily transported around the body via the bloodstream. At the cellular level this is then converted into ATP for short term storage or transport via a process called cellular respiration. Then finally, to release the energy it is converted to ADP and this chemical reaction is what we use to finally flex our muscles or for the heart to beat.

how does the electricity get into the battery?

it doesn’t – it’s created, inside the battery, as a result of the materials the battery is made up of.


how does the electricity get inside our body?

it doesn’t – it’s created, inside our body, as a result of the materials our body is made up of.

Food is the “middleman” our bodies don’t require. The electricity/energy produced by digestion could/should be provided by resonant energy generating devices they used in the old world (free world).

His-story hides this. ex; the hundred’s of rooms at the palace at Versailles was constructed w/o bathroom’s/plumbing. If you don’t eat food you don’t need to empty.

The luciferian controllers running this world have us living like animal’s. It’s CRIMINAL! We don’t need to kill animals or plant’s. Think about it. We are electrochemical beings, “hue-man” we just require a recharge.