How does the Google Maps know that the road next to mu house is XYZ Street, even though there are no nameplate or anything as such that tells the street name.


I’ve been living in this house for more than a year now and I never got to know the name of the street but the google maps does. I live outside a city in india and it’s quite a remote area and I don’t think someone from google ever came here to do a survey.

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They don’t necesarrily need to. Google maps isade through a matter of public record. Google may not have surveyed the site, but someone had to and your local government has those records, including the name of the street. So google accesses those public records and uses them to lay out their map.

Most countries have a state mapping agency. They are responsible for keeping track of geological features such as roads and buildings. Most of these roads are submitted to the state mapping agency from the local governments who built the road or approved the construction. Google is able to buy their maps from the state mapping agency, often through a third party company specializing in buying and selling map data all over the world. The only thing Google needs to do is to host the data as it is already collected for them.