How does the US military deliver tanks and other heavy equipment to battlefields overseas?


How does the US military deliver tanks and other heavy equipment to battlefields overseas?

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In planes. Look at the c-5 globemaster. Thing is outrageously massive, and isn’t even the biggest one out there

I know there are MSC’s but the Military can’t always be at sea.

Sea, rail, road and air are possible deployment modes. Sea and rail are much more economical.

By air and sea, pretty much like you transport anything else. The U.S. Navy Military Sealift Command is responsible for transporting equipment and supplies via sea, and it operates a large fleet of ships for that purpose. You put just about anything on these cargo ships – tanks, planes, artillery, ammunition, fuel…etc. Ships can carry far more equipment are are much more efficient so this is the preferred method of transport unless you need something to be somewhere fast.

You can also move equipment by plane. The Air Force Air Mobility Command operates a fleet of massive transport planes like the C-5 Galaxy or the C-17 Globemaster that can move large equipment around the world quickly, although obviously a plane can’t carry as much stuff as a ship, and these large plans can’t deliver the equipment directly to the battlefield. There are also smaller planes like the C-130 that can actually deliver equipment directly to forward operating bases.

Propositioned equipment is one thing – armor and transports in storage so it’s a shorter trip to the front.

Mostly though it’s by ship from port to port.

Aircraft can’t carry more than one or two armored vehicles so that’s not a great solution

* Pre-positioned equipment: there are stocks of equipment setup in Europe, Diego Garcia (in the Indian Ocean) and other places waiting for the US to use them.
* The [Military Sealift Command]( the [US Merchant Marine]( ships that the US military either owns or can use to get cargo into the fight.
* The USAF Air Mobility Command: all the “airlifters” of the USAF, mostly the C-5, C-17 and C-130 cargo planes.
* The [Civil Reserve Air Fleet]( – US flagged airlines that get contracting deals commit to making a percentage of their fleet available to the military. However, this is mostly for troops and spare parts.

The military has very high tech machines that have crazy good stabilization for trading in the open ocean also used for cargo ships to trade cargo mid sea instead of packing enough fuel for the whole trip

Air travel they stop island to island to refuel thus why the island fights in Japan were so important during the war

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With the same vessels they use to transport 10,000 cars for civil use at once. The “Endurance” landed in Bremerhaven this night and is one of three vessels that carries military equipment and 20,000 US soldiers to Europe for the maneuver “Europe Defender 2020”.