How is it that elderly people are both hard of hearing, while also being more sensitive to loud music?

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I’m not even old and feel like this is already happening to me.

I need subtitles on the TV otherwise I miss half the conversation.

But the loud music I used to love listening to? Can’t stand it and needed it lower.

To me, this appears common with people as they age.

How can our hearing get worse, and more sensitive?

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As we age, various factors such as damage to the hair cells in the inner ear, reduced blood flow to the cochlea, and changes in the brain’s processing of sound can contribute to a decline in hearing sensitivity. This decline can make it harder to hear soft sounds. However, these same factors can also lead to increased sensitivity to loud sounds. This dual effect is a result of the complex interactions between different parts of the auditory system as they age.

In your case, visit a doctor asap

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I don’t know the technical term but basically one of my eardrums is recessed back further than it should be. It sits on one of the tiny bones behind the eardrum. So while my hearing is reduced, certain frequencies and volumes give me a “broken speaker” effect in my head. It’s extremely uncomfortable. Loud noises become assaults and it affects my mood quite a bit.