how is this ‘climbing a flat videoscreen’ effect achieved?


Watching the Eurovision last night made me think of this entry from 2016 by Russia. Great song and the staging was fantastic. But can I hell figure out the ‘climbing the wall’ bit from about 1:40 in – it’s a flat screen isn’t it? But it can’t be! Then what turns at 2:00? The screen? A second screen? A projection? Driving me mad!

Many thanks!

In: Technology

The white wall isn’t actually flat, there are platforms that poke out for him to stand on. Its been painted white in such a way as to appear as flat as possible to a camera or a distant viewer, and you’ll notice they only do camera shots that face straight on to try and maintain the illusion of a flat white surface. They then make custom graphics which are projected onto the surface and the artist choreographs his dance to the graphics.

Great practical effects. Really pointless song, but great effects. It is probably just the projected image that is turning. And I suspect that at least some of the steps, hand holds and supports are items that lie flush with the screen normally, and are pushed forward from the screen when needed.

Whatever i actually done, note that the camera is part of this performance – many of the tricks here are forced perspective, which requires the camera to be in exactly the right place, and zoom and pan in exactly the right ways.