how is this ‘climbing a flat videoscreen’ effect achieved?


Watching the Eurovision last night made me think of this entry from 2016 by Russia. Great song and the staging was fantastic. But can I hell figure out the ‘climbing the wall’ bit from about 1:40 in – it’s a flat screen isn’t it? But it can’t be! Then what turns at 2:00? The screen? A second screen? A projection? Driving me mad!

Many thanks!

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The white wall isn’t actually flat, there are platforms that poke out for him to stand on. Its been painted white in such a way as to appear as flat as possible to a camera or a distant viewer, and you’ll notice they only do camera shots that face straight on to try and maintain the illusion of a flat white surface. They then make custom graphics which are projected onto the surface and the artist choreographs his dance to the graphics.

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