how was asbestos created, why is it dangerous?



how was asbestos created, why is it dangerous?


Asbestos is a natural material, it is mined from the earth. It is dangerous because when it breaks, it realeases extreamly fine fibres that get stuck in your lungs and your body can’t remove them. When too much builds up in your lungs, it causes all kinds of trouble, most commun being mesothelioma, which is a type of cancer.

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral that can be manipulated into a very fluffy texture. Its physical properties make it very resistant to heat, electricity, and corrosion.

Unfortunately, it gets kicked into the air very easily, and once inhaled, it doesn’t want to leave your lungs. Once it’s there, it can irritate the heck out of your lungs and eventually lead to lung cancer.

Asbestos is mined actually and then processed to clean it up but exists basically naturally. Its dangerous because it breaks down into tiny little shards/fibres and during construction or working with the material people can inhale them. Once you inhale them they get stuck in your lungs and become a nucleation site (starting point basically) for all sorts of lung health problems, from coughs to cancers.

The reason it was so widely used is because its a really really really good fire retardant. Its cheap and never catches fire and is easy to use. So people used it in everything they could until the health effects started being better documented.

Asbestos is mined, though I’m uncertain of the exact processes involved. The reason it is dangerous is twofold. One, the body cannot properly break it down and it’s attempts to do so can themselves be damaging, as well as it being a carcinogen. Two, the structure of the fibers makes them ridiculously aerodynamic and good at penetrating membranes/walls. I think it can take up to 3 days for fibers to settle and no longer be airborne once disturbed. I’m certified tovwork in it due to where I work, but haven’t had much hands on experience. Since I don’t regularly deal with it, you night want to double check some of that, but this is the gist of it.

It is a naturally occurring silicate mineral, similar to talc. It forms long, thin, fibrous crystals. These crystals are very brittle. While not toxic, these crystals float in the air like dust. If inhaled they lodged in your lungs and can cause a range of potentially fatal lung diseases.

The raw material is mined, it’s then processed for various uses.

It’s dangerous bc inhaling the tiny particles aggravates the lungs which can cause asbestosis or even mesothelioma (cancer). It’s doubly dangerous bc many wives became ill just from handling the contaminated clothes.

Asbestos is a naturally formed mineral. It isn’t actually as much created as it is mined from certain kinds of rocks. After processing, it is in the form of long fibers which are a very effective flame/heat barrier.

It is dangerous because of the fibrous nature of this mineral. These very fine fibers are easily inhaled and get stuck in lungs causing damage. Because of the mineral nature (think rock) the body has a hard time to get rid of it once it is stuck. The damage results in chronic and very long lasting scarring and impact on the lung function. So it is bad news.

To add to:

Asbestos fibers can be quite small. Their shape and weight is such as to remain permanently airborne in most, if not all environments outside of laboratory studies.

Where as inside a lab with perfectly still/non-moving air, it can take 8-hours for a single fiber to drop 8-feet. Hence the danger of breathing once becomes in friable condition and airborne.