human instincts?

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How do they work? What are our instincts? Are they always there in our day to day lives or only when we are in situations where we are acting like our “natural” selves (idk if that makes sense but like when we were hunter gatherers or smth)?

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Instincts are behavioral reflexes. You are born with certain movements and actions coordinated in your brain. These are all innate, but some take longer to present.

Of these innate instincts, there are some that you’re born with and even babies exhibit. For example, if you stroke a baby’s cheek, it’ll instinctively turn its head towards the hand and open its lips (for breast feeding).

Some others take longer. Many people during adolesence get an instinct to begin flirting with members of the gender they’re attracted to. Many people get an instinct to protect their family when they are older.

As you can see, some of these are present in our day to day lives, some only come up in certain situations. There are hundreds of instincts that we have, and we still don’t know the full depth of all of them.