if a period is late by 6-8 days, could a pregnancy test be accurate?

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I see things online explaining how long to wait to take a pregnancy test, but when they start throwing around ovulation dates and “x amount of days past intercourse” I get confused. So if my period was a week late, would it be past the point of ovulation enough to take a test? And why does it matter when you ovulate?

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It matters when you ovulate because the nidation (embryo nesting in uterus) happens a few days after, and the hormones that prevent the period and can be detected by the pregnancy test slowly start ramping up from that timepoint.

That means the closer you are to ovulation the more precise the test needs to be to still detect the hormone. A blood test by a doctor can detect it pretty much right away, a pee test takes a bit longer, how much depends on the quality 

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You could go ahead and test if you’re a week late. All 3 of my pregnancies were tested after a week of a missed period. You could also test after your ovulation date by like 8 days. A missed period by a week is sufficient. I would prefer to use that time frame over the after 8 days of ovulation for a more accurate result.