if you suffer from malabsorption, how does taking supplements help?

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I have Crohn’s and suffer from really bad malabsorption so my doc started me on several supplements and also iron infusions. The infusions I understand because it goes directly into the blood stream so there’s no digesting here, but the supplements are all oral. Is it just a case of “bombard the small intestine with so many nutrients some of it has to get through”? Because as it stands I do eat food that’s rich in all the stuff I need, I just don’t absorb the nutrients from it

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>bombard the small intestine with so many nutrients some of it has to get through” 

You got it.  Imagine your intestines are a manufacturing factory.  And when given the right materials, the clumsy workers only can make the right product 10% of the time.  So if we give them the normal amount of materials, they make very little product.  But if you dump ten times the materials into their laps, they can make the same amount of product as a normal factory with non-clumsy workers.

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The intent is to make sure your intestine has every chance to absorb more nutrition. It is often more important to make sure you have the inflammation under control first and you‘re stable, otherwise you are fighting the house fire with s garden hose.

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