In the novel, ‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir, Is it possible to live on vitamins and potatoes for an extended period of time?


I’m poor but vitamins and minerals could be bought in my area for cheap. I plant sweet potatoes for sustenance. Can I live on it? (hypothetically) If for some reason, I find myself broke?

In: Biology

Could you, sure, eating something is better than nothing, however remember Mark Watney, was needing high carb food because he needed to be able to do work… a super high carb, zero protein diet would not be healthy in the long run… now add beans to the diet and you have protein, and fiber, things just got a lot better

For the “broke” situation, best supplement your diet with protein-rich food like beans and lentils. Also consider adding omega-3 and 6 supplements and some olive oil. They will protect you longer than plain potatoes (carbs).

He wrote science fiction, in that the calculations & techniques are actually possible though it hasn’t been done yet. So, yes, it’s possible to survive but you wouldn’t be healthy.