Internet network troubleshooter is not what it used to be. What is it even for?



Whenever my internet is down I activate the trouble shooter and it sends me to >select network to diagnose>I’m trying to reach a specific network or folder (no)>I’m having a different problem>direct access (no)>connect to other computers (no) obviously none of these are solutions to the internet being down nor is it informing you of WHY it’s down. I can’t find information on it anywhere. Useless, useless, useless. What am I missing. Explain it to me like I’m 5.

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Part of what you are looking for is already in the standard Windows screen, notifications that internet is down -> click -> setup or config or something like that —> screen telling you where the issue is -> investigation. The troubleshoot er is more aimed at (corporate) fileshares within your own network iirc.
The standard diags isn’t perfect either so you might need to log on to your CPE (DSL/fiber modem most likely) and check what’s up with the line to your house.

It was never particularly useful to actually tell you what’s wrong.

99% of the time the issue is going to be on the ISP’s side, between the ISP and your modem, with your modem, with your router, or a conneciton issue between your computer and router.

There’s no way for your computer to know if the ISP is having a problem on their side, if there’s issues with wiring between the ISP and you, or issues with your modem.

From there, that leaves router issues or issues with connection between your router and computer. If your computer can’t communicate with the router, there’s really no way for it to differentiate between “Router is non-responsive” or “Router’s fine but computer just isn’t receiving signal or there’s an issue with some intermediary device like a switch or wireless repeater”.

Really the only stuff the computer can know about is stuff entirely on the computer side, which is rare – such as an improper IP configuration (static instead of DHCP usually), a network adapter being disabled, or a driver that’s crashed. The first two are only problems if you’re manually doing these things to break things, the last is pretty rare in the last decade or so as Windows has gotten better and better and there’s less and less crap hardware out there.