intersexual selection

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i completely understand intrasexual selection, but inter baffles me

thanks in advance!

(this is for my psychology A-LEVEL, but im gonna flair it due to the nature of the question)

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Intrasexual selection: “I’m stronger than you, so I get the ladies. Back off”. Intersexual selection: “Hey ladies, look how sexy I am. Please like me”.

If you choose somebody you want as a mate, and you want them to choose you back, you have two paths forward: Get rid of your competitors so you are your prospective mate’s only option (intrasexual selection), or make yourself more attractive to the prospective mate, so they’ll prefer you over your competitors (intersexual selection).

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Think of male peacocks. Males in most species decorate themselves fabulous!.

Bigger horns, Bigger tusks, Larger body, Stronger odor and so on.

and this is because female of such species are the One to choose those males

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Imagine a dating show. Intersexual selection is like when contestants (usually females) choose who they want to date based on attractive qualities like looks, charm, or talents. This is different from intrasexual selection, where contestants (usually males) compete against each other to be chosen.