temperature changing the taste of water


If it’s just too much or too little heat, why does it taste so different? Also, why does hot water taste bad? We need water to survive, but hot water tastes so bad I’d rather stay thirsty than drink it

In: Chemistry

Oxygen makes water taste better, and the hotter the water is, the less oxygen that the water contains

1. Cold water is generally an acquired taste and deviating from that can feel odd

2. Cold water prevents your taste buds from responding to any impurity in the water that you otherwise would have if the water was hot. Cold water is essentially a numbing agent to an extent. By extension, taste buds are more sensitive when they are in a hotter environment.

Tasting in general works better when food is hot. This is why most food is eaten hot, and foods that are supposed to be eaten cold can taste weird when warm. (Have you ever eaten warm melted ice cream? It’s sickeningly sweet, because when it’s cold you don’t taste it as much).

Temperature changes the taste of everything, Timmy.

Ice Cream
Green Beans