What causes the different types of throat pain like razor blades vs irritated?

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I’ve been dealing with razor-blade pain on one side of my throat when swallowing, and honestly I’m fascinated and how it’s such a different type of pain than I’m used to (compared to like post nasal drip or hoarseness), but I don’t understand *how* it becomes different to the point that it’s so distinctly associated with strep and certain other conditions.

Note: yes I have a dr’s appointment tomorrow, taking care of myself at home. When googling variants of my question, it just kept popping out as being a “bacteria thing” but I’m curious as to *how.* Like is the bacteria burrowing in? Does it slide down my throat with each swallow like nails on a chalkboard?

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I am also curious about this. Throat and gum pain seems to be more intense than other areas of my body. Would like to understand the physiology of it.