What does it mean “suspend me in disbelief”?


just the title. Thanks!

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To keep you in a prolonged state of disbelief, sot hat you stay shocked/confused for a while because of what the other person said/did

You suspend your disbelief when you watch a movie that’s really unrealistic but you let yourself get into it anyway because the story is good. It’s like you dont believ that that would happen but you’re pretending you do to let yourself enjoy it.

It’s how you allow yourself to believe or consume a fictional story without thinking too hard about the impossibilities of it. It sounds fancy but it’s just when you are not allowing yourself to feel disbelief, or allow yourself belief in the fiction. You don’t watch Harry Potter and ask how they fly cars or shoot magic, you just accept it and enjoy it.

Suspension of disbelief is a core principle of fiction. It’s the idea that something is not realistic or even possible at all, but you’re willing to look past that because it’s still fun, interesting etc.

“Suspend me in disbelief” is a play on words that suggests the author is looking for something very immersive, like well-written fantasy with strong internal consistency.

It’s suspension of disbelief.

You believe that dragons and magic don’t exist. But when you watch fantasy movie you suspended your disbelief of them for the duration so you can enjoy the movie.

Basically you accept that magic and dragons do exist in the context of the movie.