What exactly are scents and why do we stop smelling them after a while?

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Are they particles in the air that start all bunched up and then slowly spread out so thin to the point where it’s undetectable by the average human nose?

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If you stare at a bright light for a while (don’t do this) then look away, you will see a blob in your vision.

This is because some of the nerves in your eyes are over stimulated and have stopped firing.

Scent are little nerves that detect smells rather than light. But like your eyes, the scent nerves can get over stimulated and stop reporting the smell after a while.

The reason your nerves get overstimulated is both biomechanical (your nerves have to reset and it takes time) and evolutionary (knowing about new sights and smells is more useful than knowing about old ones generally as new sights and smells can be new dangers.)

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