– What exactly is “instinct”?

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Like I guess biochemically or psychologically, what is happening internally for us to feel/do some instinctively?

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I like Daniel Kahnemens idea of instincts. That it’s a set of learn behaviors. As someone mentioned above, it can be genetically programmed. But some situations you’ve also associated certain stimuli (noise, temperament, tones, behaviors) with certain feelings. So when you get a bad feeling, or feel you should do something, I think these are learned behaviors. People are attracted or repelled by situations based on experience.

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instinct is what evolution has programmed into the uncontrollable part of our brains, right next to survival. like it would be bad if our instinct was to run towards fires so most peopls instinct is to run from fire

instinct cant be confused with intuition….like someone might spend a lot of times outdoors camping and have a really good sense of finding North; based on a lot of experience and knowing what natural indicators exist. Or they might have really good intuition of where a thrown ball will land because they played sports for years