What happens if a pregnant woman eats a food that her fetus is deathly allergic to?


What happens if a pregnant woman eats a food that her fetus is deathly allergic to?

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A fetus can not be deathly allegric to anything because it doesn’t have a fully functioning immune system. The immune system is what causes allergies to exist. The body thinks its being attacked by a harmless material and tries fighting it off (sometimes to the demise of the human being). Without the immune system functioning fully, an allergy can’t really exist.

This is a great question! The answer is… nothing, because fetuses aren’t allergic to anything. Babies aren’t born allergic to things. They develop allergies over time due to environmental factors that we mostly don’t understand, because immune systems are very complicated. A pregnant person shouldn’t eat anything that they’re allergic to themselves, because anaphylaxis can trigger miscarriage, but it seems that eating a diverse diet in pregnancy protects the baby from developing allergies! Thanks for asking this, I learned some new stuff to answer it 🙂

Fetuses don’t get whole pieces of food through the umbilical cord from the placenta, they get nutrients from the mother’s blood that pass into the blood vessels going to the fetus. The food has already been digested and broken down by the mother’s body. The most fetuses do is swallow amniotic fluid which they later pee out. (It’s sounds far more gross than it is since fetuses don’t produce urine yet.)

i imagine, at least for most of the pregnancy (obviously not necessarily the entirety) that the baby hasn’t developed allergies yet. its also possible to develop allergies at any age; my younger sister did about puberty, my mom did as an adult, and as we know some are born with it/develop it very early in life. further than that jm not sure

Ironically it’s likely to cancel that would-be future allergy through exposure. It’s important that the mother isn’t allergic though