What happens to the blood in a uterus when someone has an IUD and doesn’t get a period?

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Just got an IUD. Bled the first day a little and should have started my regular period that day but did not and I’m wondering where the blood is cause I can feel the cramps. Then makes me wonder what about the years and years the IUD is in, and you don’t bleed. Where does the blood go??

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Do you have a hormonal or a copper IUD? The hormonal ones (Mirena, etc) release estrogen/progesterone like the pill does, so can affect periods. The copper ones are spermicidal.

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Part of how an IUD works is preventing the uterine lining from building up.

No build up = nothing to bleed.

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The period is pretty much the shedding of the uterus lining. The hormones in an IUD may prevent the uterus lining from thickening as it usually does during the menstrual cycle. Therefore it doesn’t have to be shed. The blood doesn’t go anywhere else, it just isn’t formed at all.