What happens to the scars?

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I’ve been wanting to get rhinoplasty for a long time, the tip of my nose is too bulbous and I want to make it slightly thinner. I’ve been looking up post-surgery pictures of people to get an idea of what it would look like during different points of healing (apparently they can take up to a year to fully heal??)

But I can’t see any scarring anywhere? I’m not just looking at like Instagram pictures, I’m also looking at pictures taken by the office/practice, watching YT videos with vlogs, and so on. And…. where are they??

Now, my dad is black and unfortunately that means keloids. I looked up pictures of black women and men to see if they have had keloid scarring and I don’t see any at all.

What’s going on?? It can’t all be just photoshop and angles!

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The incision needed for rhinoplasty is pretty small. It’s a small cut in between the nostrils usually. Because it’s such a small cut, a scar will be non existent or so small that you can’t see it. Furthermore, there are surgical ways to hide or minimize a scar. For most surgeries, this is unimportant as a surgeon isn’t going to spend time trying to make an incision look nice. If you need your appendix removed, the surgeon is only worried about removing the appendix.

But, cosmetic surgery is literally about improving appearance. Plastic surgeons train for years to make their work look as good and as natural as possible. They have ways of hiding scars or severely minimizing them.

As for the risk of keloid scars, that’s something you’ll have to discuss with any potential surgeon. It’s too subjective for an ELI5. I will say, there are ways of doing a rhinoplasty that don’t involve cutting into the nose, and only going in through the nostrils.

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Have you been looking at reconstructive rhinoplasty or cosmetic? Sounds like cosmetic is what you are aiming for, but the pictures will look very different.
Maybe that will refine your search better.
Also, look into if physicians around you have pictures of surgeries they’ve done that you can see.
I had to have septum surgery and sinus surgery due to breathing issues, and got to see pics before hand.
Best of luck to you.