What is a libertarian and what aspects of the Democratic platform do they support vs the GOP platform


What is a libertarian and what aspects of the Democratic platform do they support vs the GOP platform

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Typically pro-choice, pro-whatever so long as it doesn’t negatively impact someone else, as in if you want to put drugs into your system feel free.

Mostly, simply, it is about self-accountability and responsibility.

Definitely not pro-tax, freebies from the government, etc.

Each individual can decide for themselves what is best for them, and if something affecting the larger community is happening then getting together with the other members of society to resolve them – agreeable to all.

Generically, less government interference in personal affairs.

Like all philosophies libertarians have a range of views (for example 62% are pro choice, meaning 38% aren’t), but generally in a “live and let live” way. It goes from “no government at all” anarcho-capitalists to “keep government small, local, and accountable” minarchists.

Democratic side (not all of these are on the platform, but they lean that way; I realize Biden isn’t okay with drugs, for example):
pro criminal justice reform
pro police accountability
pro drug & sex work decriminalization
pro equal voting rights

Republican side (again, not all actually on the platform)
pro gun rights
pro low taxes
pro privatization (charter schools, sales of state lands, etc)
pro deregulation

Also generally pro free trade, much more pro-immigration than most, and against foreign wars or interventions. Also against bailouts

Libertarians are a very diverse group – let me just start with that.

They tend to want people not to coerce one another into doing things, especially using means that ultimately result in violence. So, that tends to be various forms of government power, since if you don’t comply with the demands for long enough, there will eventually be violence when they take you into custody and imprison you.

Note, however, that contrary to popular belief, libertarianism is NOT anarchy, in the view of most libertarians. When you see someone conflating libertarianism with anarchy, it’s usually a straw man (or they’re just unfamiliar). For a voluntary/non-coercive system to function, there do need to be courts and other mechanisms of the state to enforce contracts to some degree. And there’s no reason not to have some pretty barebones laws that also generally codify the principle that one ought not force others to do things or to be harmed.

Another key concept is the NAP (non-aggression principle). Not all libertarians base their views on the NAP, but it will give you a view into what most of the libertarian ideology is about.

Libertarianism at its core is the belief in individual liberty; freedom of choice, autonomy, and individualism. Live and let live. It is the opposite of socialism. You are responsible for yourself and no one (govt or otherwise) is charged with your welfare. Unless your actions are negatively effecting the community you are free to live as you see fit. Small government, low taxes, very limited involvement in non-trade related foreign policy, etc.

As an aside, libertarianism is very broad. Definitely not a single shared view.

For example, some are anti-state, believing that private industry will serve all functions of a government. Others prefer limited government. Song want no restrictions, others want minimal restrictions.