What is Amazon AWS?


What is Amazon AWS?

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It’s amazon Web services, basically their cloud service for hosting websites, servers, whatever you want to pay then to host.

Imagine you have 5 fridges in your house. Each fridge can hold the same foods, but you get to choose which foods are in which fridge. Ideally the foods you like are in the fridge closest to you so you don’t have to walk far while your game is paused. But let’s say you’re having all your friends for a sleepover – Mom and Dad can buy and put juice boxes and cheese sticks in a few different fridges, that way any of the friends you have over can go into whatever fridge they want to get juice and cheese. If 7 friends go to the same fridge they may need to take turns, so they can split up and use different fridges to get them faster. Less time waiting in line makes for more time enjoying the food.

AWS is like that but with services that computers can provide. Amazon owns the fridges but another company owns the house where they’re located. You buy their food from their fridges and let your customers/friends enjoy it without traveling across the world or waiting in line for one computer to do all the work.

It is a backbone data company that Amazon owns and is how most of the traffice on the internet is routed.


Side note, it is also how Amazon can run their Prime catalog service at a loss all these years, driving a lot brick and mortar stores out of business. They make so much money on the AWS side of their business, they funnel it over to Prime which loses them money.


there is a great podcast called The Land of the Giants that does an excellent job detailing Amazon’s rise to power.


AWS is Amazon Web Services. It allows you to rent space in an Amazon Datacenter in terms of CPU performance.

It spawned for two reasons. First, back in the day, there was a dictate at Amazon that everything should be programmatic to allow them to scale forever. You don’t want to have to have Carol from Accounting call Bob from IT every time she needs a new server. Instead, she should just be able to use a Programming Interface (an API) and create her own server.

Second, Amazon was constantly buying an insane amount of hardware to deal with Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. But the rest of the year it was mostly sitting idle. They realized that, since they had written APIs for managing this, and they had so much idle hardware, they could actually resell it and make a profit.

When you build websites and apps there are a lot of common components. Image hosting. Authorization. Streaming video. DNS. There are a ton. AWS is a ton of different services that provide that stuff. Each service has its own pricing. It saves developers a ton of time and resources. Even enabling one person to be able to do stuff that previously only large companies with lots of developers could do.