what is the difference between breathing into my stomach, and breathing into my chest?



Like where does the air go?

In: Biology

Assuming you mean abdominal breathing (belly breathing, diaphragmatic breathing) and not “air swallowing” the air goes to the lungs in both cases.

The difference is not breathing INTO your abdomen or INTO your chest, but WITH your abdomen or WITH your chest.

Abdominal breathing uses your stomach muscles and diaphragm (more than regular breathing), to make your chest cavity larger, making it lower pressure so more air flows in. This allows you to take deeper breaths.

Breathing into your stomach allows your digestive organs to move out of the way correctly. It means breathing is easier because you allow gravity to do the work. It also means you have a larger total air capacity because after you fill your stomach, *then* you can still fill your chest.

Breathing into the chest means the abs never relax ever, putting more pressure on shoulders to physically work to expand.

Belly breathe. It’s the right way.