What’s the science behind getting songs stuck in your head?

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I’ve had Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name” stuck in my head for almost a whole week and I really can’t get it out. Help me understand why!

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Jumping on this too: not because I have an answer, but because I’m curious as well!

I also wonder about why certain songs come to me at certain moments, or moreso the science behind it. I was helping my brother get ready for his wedding, and I just casually started whistling, “Run To the Hills” by Iron Maiden. I didn’t even realize what song it was until he asked me. I thought about it, told him, and we agreed it wasn’t the best tune for me to be whistling that morning.

Help me out here science, help me show my brother I wasn’t trying to ruin his wedding.

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Music is about tension and resolve. Your brain craves the resolve (the end part). Songs get stuck in your head when your brain wants more resolve. (We don’t tend to get the ends of songs stuck in our heads).

So, if you want the song out of your head, give your brain a resolve. It doesn’t even have to be the resolve of that song. You can play the end of any song in your head and it works pretty well.