When you exercise your muscles ache afterwards, so how come your heart doesn’t ache after doing cardio?


When you exercise your muscles ache afterwards, so how come your heart doesn’t ache after doing cardio?

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I would think because your heart beats faster, but probably not with more intensity like the other muscle groups that go under heavier than typical loads. Plus your heart never stops so I guess DOMS never even has a chance! Lol!

One: it’s a different type of muscle. Two: it gets a steady supply of nutrients to repair and replenish itself.

Iirc, The reason your muscles hurt is because of micro tears from the strain of a work out that cause a build up of lactic acid. This acid is what makes you sore.

The heart doesn’t tear like your other muscles do. And there’s not as many pain receptor around your heart as there are around the surface of your body.

For example, if someone feels a wierd pain shoot down your left arm (I think thats right), it could mean you’re having a heart attack (referred pain). This is because there’s not enough pain receptors by the heart for it to tell you hurts, so it sends the signal elsewhere. That’s also why you don’t “feel” most of your visceral organs, just their effects on the body. Like the thumping of your heart.

It’s been a while though, so please correct anything I got wrong.

Edit: fixed point about referred pain

Your muscles build up lactic acid when they don’t get enough oxygen. Your heart is a different type of muscle so it don’t produce lactic acid.

How would our hearts ache ? We can’t really feel them.

No pain receptors, no pain.

The reason your muscles are sore are bc of micro ruptures that you make when exercising. The heart doesn’t suffer those ruptures and therefore , it can’t be sore.

You are “semi” injuring your muscles. Like a scar, it heals back a little “extra”, bigger, etc.

For your heart, you aren’t injuring it.

Your lungs are likely to feel it more than your heart. It pumps everyday, sometimes more if you drink caffeine


when your heart isn’t getting an adequate supply it does ache, its known as angina and if progression takes place, heart attack.

How do I get heart muscle in my legs & arms?

In some people their heart does ache after putting stress on it- angina. But that is not a good thing!

There are no pain receptors in the heart. Chest pain indicating heart trouble is ancillary pain in the region.

There are 3 types of muscles, the ones that make up your limbs, organs and heart. They all behave differently

Wait.. it’s not supposed to hurt?

… mine does. Is that bad?

Because cardio is aerobic respiration, which does not produce lactic acid.

If you use your muscles for a cardio workout, they won’t ache the way they ache if you do a resistance workout.

I’ve absolutely had days where my heart felt tired after an extreme effort. But never sore. Interesting question!

The ache you get in your muscles from exercise, is mainly caused by 2 things:
1. Doing a movement you are not used to
2. Excentrically overloading a movement, meaning, when you “drop” the weights controlled, but kind of cheat it up, for example, trowing a weight up in the air during a bicep curl, but then slowly lowering it.

Your heart does neither of those things. It always performs the same movement and overloading it excentrically doesn’t happen. So it wont usually get sore. It also has a great supply of oxygen and nutrients.