why are children often naughty?


It seems like there would theoretically be huge survival value in being obedient as a kid and following exactly what your parents taught you, but they are often naughty, including myself when I was a kid.

Is there an advantage to being a naughty, rebellious kid that has greater value over being obedient? Does it tend to lead to better outcomes later in life?

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I wish I had the time to comment on this. I’m unfortunately about to step in to my English tutoring class.

I’m a teacher.

I have some opinions on the matter and would love to share them. I’ll try to come back later when I’m not busy. My apologies.

Personally, I don’t think children are “naughty” without reason.

Maybe it’s for teaching the concept of right and wrong. Doing the right things helps us survive, and vice versa. You know, like the darwin awards.

They are checking limits. Knowing the limits gives you the most chances to get everything from current situation without getting in real trouble.

This is all just my take on it, a pure ramble but thoughts and counter points welcomed.

TLDR: I think its part of their learning curve. Like, learning their MO, and shaping their personality.

So skip the long debate of nurture versus nature, and we have Child Alpha – for the sake of debate.

Children Alpha, Beta, Charlie and Delta (A,B,C,D) can all be understood as having various temperaments due to the aforementioned natures/nurtures (these kids just exist as kids you see day to day would).

When in class together or otherwise exposed to one another they will learn what traits the others have. And they will observe how they succeed in life in comparison to them.

However each child governs “success” – in very much different ways. Meaning no one strategy is the desirable route.

Each pick and chose these habits from each other and compare it to how they function.

These mental attributes like “be more vocal” can translate to “be louder than others” or even “make more body movement than everyone else”.

So when these children come home or are exposed to environments that are new (which happens alot as a kid) they will try these out.

This can happen within an hour of spending time with a new influence – and instances where a kid “acts up”, this leads to where the bad influence phrase comes from.

If these behaviours aren’t checked – things can get bad and this is from personal observation from a few child that have never been, correctly challenged on any of their poor behaviour.

One has attempted rape on a fellow classmate at a very very young age (prior to high-school).

The other physically punches their mother and father.

It started with small rude behaviour’s that they bullied their parents with, then the trend never stopped.

So my theory there is, in these examples, they test a new trait out – “being rude to their parents” and I mean not in the rebel kind of way, more of a – total lack of respect for the law – kinda way.

With 4 kids i can tell you.
The reason they are naughty is because….. they’re assholes. Chaos incarnate. Spawn of beelzebub and lilith. They live to destroy. Read the book (lord of the flies).