Why Are Chip Bags Almost Always Half Smashed?


Why Are Chip Bags Almost Always Half Smashed?

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1) Because the Frito-Lay’s (and the others) time and motion studiers don’t give the people who deliver the chips enough time to stack the shelves, so the delivery people have to rush.

2) The people who work for Frito-Lay have more than one job (I work with three at their other job) so they are tired.

3) Customers who decide that they don’t want the pack that they picked up, don’t care about it anymore.

Chip manufacturers are in a bit of a hard position. They need to inflate the bags with air to protect the chips from getting crushed during the trip from the factory to the person who eats them but people who buy chips get upset when they open a bag of chips and it’s half empty. It’s a hard line to walk – too much air and consumers are upset their bag comes half empty. Too little air and consumers are upset that half of their bag of chips is already smashed. Chip makers tend to waffle back and forth on how much air is in the bag. When people complain about too much air they put less air in, when people complain about too many smashed chips they put more air in till people start complaining about smashed chips again.