Why are crabs cooked alive?


Why are crabs cooked alive?

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I think something to do with toxins the crustaceans release into their bodies that can taint the meat.

It’s the most convenient way to kill them. I once watched a Korean man get a kettle of boiling water and exclaim “DIE” to come crabs in a bucket before he poured the water on them. They died pretty quick and there was no risk of spoiling the meat or getting fingers chopped off.

You don’t have too. About half the time I go crabbing we will kill them and discard the unused parts when on the boat. This is my buddies preference, I think they taste better cooked whole.

How to kill and prep fresh caught Dungeness Crab:

To kill them first you literally bash their head/brain/mouth area to kill them then rip their shell off. You need two people or a tool that is basically a board with a triangle sharp edge on the board to help rip the shell off. If using two people take the crab by it’s legs, kill it by smashing it’s brain, then you partner will grab the shell just like removing then when fully cooked whole. You push the legs in toward their underbelly while they pull it off, it’s not as easy than the cooked ones but not hard. Once the shell is off clean and retain in case fish and wildlife is at the docks checking crab sizes. Then remove the lungs, organs, and that gross yellow shit. Rinse and halve by pushing in and pulling apart.

This sounds graphic but it takes about 15 seconds to kill and clean per crab. If you’re alone it’s the same except you bash the brain. Then use the triangle piece on the board to catch the edge of the shell to help pull it off. I prefer the two person method as I think it’s faster and you’re usually crabbing with friends. You also just throw the unused parts out at sea so no garbage runs or smelly cans at home.

Sometimes we clean them first (at the dock), then you don’t have all the guts to deal with later.

many people are under the impression that “lesser” animals can’t feel pain, if they consider them animals at all. others know they can, but feel little empathy because they aren’t cuddly and don’t have emotive faces