Why are IPA beers almost always a higher percentage ABV than domestic lagers?



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There’s not much to explain really. That’s how that style of beer is made, dating back to the early 1800s. Just like a porter is usually stronger than a larger, so is an IPA. And a mild will generally be weaker than an IPA.

IPAs are a style that generally have 6% or higher ABV, thats part of the style and how its made. Recent trends have been tending towards even higher alcohol IPAs, commonly 7%+

Was brewed with higher abv to keep it from going bad while being shipped to India by boat in the 1700- 1800. Hence India Pale Ale, IPA.

IPA’s have a lot of hops, which produce a lot of bitterness. To offset this and make it palatable, you need more malt to provide sugars that ferment into alcohol. More malt = more sugar = more alcohol