Why can’t the body re-absorb blood during internal bleeding?


I understand the blood is going places its “not supposed to be” but its still on the inside so whats the deal?

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“Internal bleeding” refers to the situation where blood is escaping the circulatory system within the body. It’s caused by the same exact thing as external bleeding, which is broken veins/arteries. Just because the blood is still inside your body doesn’t mean it has a way to get back into your circulatory system where it’s actually needed.

It does, very slowly. That’s essentially what a bruise healing is: the blood breaks down, and the breakdown products are scavenged, partially recycled, and removed by the body.

But the bloodstream is under pressure. Ordinarily we measure blood pressure in millimeters of mercury for historical reasons, but if we measure it in the more familiar kilopascal, we find that normal blood pressure is around 11-16 kPa, that is, about 11-16% of atmospheric pressure (normal air pressure is ~100 kPa). That’s a substantial amount of pressure – it’s about the same amount of pressure you can exert by blowing air out of your mouth as hard as you can – and to get fluid back into such a pressurized environment, you would need a pump. The body does not have one to use. So even if it had a way of collecting the blood quickly, which it also doesn’t, it would have no way to get it back into circulation.

Imagine a water pipe burst inside your house, the water is still delivered inside your house, but it is kind of a big deal it’s going to where it’s not supposed to be.

Same with blood – it’s supposed to stay inside the pipes running through the body, not just generally inside the body.

Blood is a connective tissue connecting nutrients, oxygen, etc from the organ of origin to the organ in need. Like roads in a city. Internal bleeding is like a city scraping up all its blacktop and paving the business district. Suddenly it isn’t where it is useful and now nothing is getting where it needs to go

The circulatory system is like your bodies highway system. Red Blood Cells the transport trucks. Imagine damage to your blood vessels like a terrible blizzard during an earthquake. An overpass collapses and transport trucks and cars go careening off onto the streets below. The wreckage immense, doing damage to the other streets, any cars or buildings in the area, and the clean up (or re-absorption as you put it) takes weeks. The city (your body) impaired and forced to redirect traffic the entire time, and most of the wreckage is essentially useless. The goods being transported in the trucks never reached the destination they were meant for, there are less cars and trucks overall to do the tranportation work, and anything reabsorbed is at best recycled.